Translate clinical into financial

Auxilius gets your ClinOps team out of spreadsheets and into alignment with finance colleagues.

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Unified study-level data

Ingest contract terms, vendor-level budgets, study assumptions and clinical data into a single, dynamic view of your programs.

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Vendor accountability

Hold vendors accountable and manage change with integrated change order assessments and intelligent reforecasting.

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Translate to finance

Utilize Auxilius as a translation layer between clinical progress and financial metrics, aligning your team and process.

“I spent most of my career running as far away from budgets as I could. I've since learned that was a mistake.

If you don't achieve milestones cost effectively, you can run out of money. Drug development is about more than science...”
Chief Science Officer

Cambridge-based biotech

Free resource for ClinOps leaders

Download standard bid grid template for CRO proposals

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