Nearly 100% of trials go over budget.

Are you in control?

If you own the numbers, but often feel dependent upon data from closed systems, ClinOps, and third-party vendors, you aren't alone. Auxilius was built to put you in the driver's seat.


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Manage risk and runway

Incorporate real-time clinical data into financial decision-making and long-range planning.

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Driver-based modeling

Configure driver-based models to ensure study budgets stay current when reality deviates from plan.

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Align clinical + financial

Break dependence on spreadsheets and streamline communication with ClinOps.

Plan from start to finish

Leverage contract terms, study assumptions, and clinical drivers to contextually and dynamically forecast study- and program-level spend. Leverage historical data to budget for future studies.

Measure and recalibrate

From change order to change order, manage vendor-and study-level budgets against plan in a platform designed to drive insight and accountability.

Plan for the possible

Flex cost drivers and study assumptions to quickly model financial trajectories, interventions, or delays.

Manage through change

Keep stakeholders aligned as reality deviates from plan. Anticipate and internalize change orders and change notification forms to budget for out of scope work ahead of contracting.

Integrate with your existing technology

Auxilius interfaces with clinical, financial, and accounting tools you already have to provide a consolidated workflow and single source of truth.

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