Case Study:

How PMV Gained Auditor Comfort and Operational Efficiency with Auxilius

Mike Carulli, PMV’s SVP of Finance, was responsible for building an effective process for accruals and forecasting, but without the perks of staffing or spend of big pharma. When Mike joined the team at PMV in the spring of 2020, he brought a decade’s worth of enterprise R&D finance experience from Celgene, giving him a unique lens from which to guide his team.

In early 2022, Mike identified Auxilius as a solution capable of managing study-level forecasting and accruals across vendors, investigators and sites. He wanted to move his team to the platform, but needed his auditors to embrace the new system.

Download this case study to learn how Mike broke down the process and got auditors on board quickly mid-year.

Download PMV Case Study