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25 Study-level Key Performance Indicators for Clinical Trials

Accountability - both in terms of visibility and shared goals - is an important piece of the sponsor-vendor/CRO relationship. When embarking on a clinical trial with a CRO or new vendor, establishing ground rules in the form of discrete, clear key performance indicators can help you align both parties toward the expectations of the study. 

The clauses or requirements you may want to include in your contract or work order could cover language and substance around handling things like payment terms, accruals reporting, change orders, or more – each facet of which should make it easier for your finance and accounting teams to understand the financial trajectory of your study. This PDF outlines some suggested and optional KPIs a sponsor may choose to use.  Please use it as a starting point or template for your own study-specific verbiage or KPIs.

Disclaimer: This resource is for informational and educational purposes and should not be used as a substitute for internal review and validation. Auxilius is not responsible for the process or outcomes in contracting, RFP, or any other activity in which this resource might be used.

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david fenske

David Fenske

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