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What is Auxilius?

Auxilius is a leading clinical trial financial management platform, helping FP&A and accounting professionals at biopharma companies better manage their clinical trial financials.

Who is Auxilius for?

Auxilius is made for FP&A and accounting professionals at biotech and pharmaceutical companies that use cumbersome spreadsheets to develop budgets, make forecasts, and track accruals for their clinical trials.

Auxilius also helps cross-functional collaboration between finance, accounting, and ClinOps, and provides ClinOps teams with greater visibility into site and patient activity.

Does Auxilius replace my existing tools?

Auxilius does not compete with or replace clinical toolsets (CTMS, EDC, etc.), broad planning tools (e.g. Workday Adaptive), or your ERP (e.g. NetSuite, SAP, etc.) – just the manual excel-based processes in between.

Study-level expenses managed in Auxilius are mapped to your general ledger at the account and department level, and the system generates monthly JE upload files. Study-level forecasts managed in Auxilius can be exported monthly, quarterly, or ad hoc for incorporation into annual and quarterly budgeting processes.

What data does Auxilius use?

The Auxilius platform ingests disparate data to inform budgets, dynamic forecasts, and accruals, including:

  • CRO Contract Terms & Milestones
  • Vendor-level Budget Grids
  • Invoices + POs
  • Change orders
  • EDC Data
  • CRO WP Estimates