Shift study-level FP&A and accounting out of spreadsheets and into software that scales

It's time to say goodbye to your 30-tab excel trackers


Auxilius's Integrated Clinical Trial Financial Management (CTFM) Platform

R&D Close Automation

R&D Close Automation

Accelerate period close with data-driven accrual estimates and compliant workflows

Investigator Spend Intelligence

Investigator Spend Intelligence

Leverage clinical data in accrual estimation, reforecasting, and to validate site payments 

Clinical Budgeting and Planning

Study Budgeting and Planning

Leverage clinical drivers to keep study budgets up-to-date, and plan for what's next

Built for Finance. Built for Clinical R&D.

Clinical trials are complex, outsourced, and unpredictable. Auxilius is the only FP&A and accounting platform built from the ground up to manage the complexity of clinical trials


Audit-ready Financial Processes and Controls

Mitigate the risk of material weakness in your audit with financial processes and controls


Data-driven Vendor Accountability

Integrate contract, clinical, and financial data to put costs in context and hold third-party vendors accountable

Platform Features

Unlock the power of purpose-built software. Built for Clinical Trials.

Auxilius integrates seamlessly with existing tools and workflows

We don't replace existing tools -- just the manual, excel-based processes in between. Auxilius interfaces with clinical, financial, and accounting tools you already have to provide a consolidated workflow and single source of truth.

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