Make the move from manual to modern accounting

Leverage purpose-built software to streamline financial close and mitigate audit risk.

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Mitigate Audit Risk

Comply with GAAP/IFRS/SOX through process-based controls and audit-ready methodologies

Accelerate Close

Eliminate the mundane and put close on auto-pilot -- without sacrificing accuracy or judgement

Data-driven Accruals

Seamlessly incorporate clinical data, vendor estimates, and trackers into month/quarter close

Key Platform Features

Leverage Auxilius to do what spreadsheets can't

“We now rely 100% on the Auxilius tool [...] our auditors are comfortable with it and they see the benefit”
Mike Carulli

SVP of Finance, PMV Pharma

Rock Solid Processes and Controls

Built for Clinical Trials. Built to Reduce Audit Risk.

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Triangulate sources in expense estimation

Set default methodologies, but leverage all available inputs and demonstrate judgement when there is inconsistency across sources. 

  • Patient-level data from EDC
  • Vendor estimates and invoices
  • Internal driver-based forecasts
  • Direct input from ClinOps colleagues 

Leverage EDC data to estimate and accrue investigator spend

  • Configure and automatically ingest flat files monthly or in real-time
  • Map coded visits to site contracts and negotiated visit and procedural level costs
  • Visibility at the transaction/visit level, or roll up by patient or by site

Investigator Transactions

Collaborative close checklist

  • Leverage off-the-shelf roles and permissions to guide period close workflows
  • Assign tasks, document inputs, track sign-off and statuses
  • Pull past period checklists for audit
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